adult sunday school classes

Our Sunday School classes meet at 8:00 AM, 9:15 AM, and 10:30 AM on Sunday morning. We hope to see you there! For more information or questions, please contact Executive Pastor Brian Brownlow.

8:00 AM Hour

In Pursuit

For those of any age who are hungry for the deeper things of God. Focused on biblical truths and its transformational power as we walk in obedience and discipleship.
Location: Room 11  (Basement)

9:15 AM Hour


Beloved | Young Adult Class

A class with vibrant discussions of various biblical texts and topics led by class volunteers. This group is multi ages 50+.
Location: Room  102


This is a class comprised of parents of school aged children. The class utilizes video and class discussion to grow in faith and deepen relationships with each other that extend beyond our church walls. Location: Room 10  (Basement)

The Path

The Path is a combination of fellowship, teaching, and discussion, that is geared toward people 40 to 65.
Location: Room 111

The Story

Join this intergenerational, couples, and singles class as they look at the Bible as one complete story from Genesis to Revelation. Jesus is revealed in every aspect of this God-breathed love letter to the ones He created. Discover the joy as you align your story with God's, as well as build a community with other believes along the way.
Location: Room 12 (Basement)
A class filled with young professionals couples and singles growing in their personal relationship with God through prayer, community, and service.
Location: Room 8  (Basement)


This class is comprised of musicians (orchestra/choir/handbells) who serve in the sanctuary services.
Location: Room 100

The Journey

The Journey is comprised of people their 20's and 30's seeking to know Jesus more intimately and personally through study of His Word in order to walk with him in their personal lives, marriages and families.
Location:  Meets in room 7 (Basement).


This class focuses on the application of scripture for today's world. The goal is to have learned something which leads us closer to the Lord. It is geared toward people 40-65.
Location: Room 118

10:30 AM Hour

Bible Study


A teacher lead study of God's word chapter by chapter for senior couples and singles.
Location: Room 118

This class for those with adult children, grandchildren, and aging parents uses video studies with class discussions, searching for guidance through Jesus' teachings. They also enjoy fellowship though regular social events.
Location: Room 10  (Basement)

Singles’ Class


All singles are welcome to celebrate singleness in an atmosphere of acceptance and support.
Become empowered as a single adult in your journey toward spiritual, personal, and relational wholeness through Christ-centered fellowship.
Location: Room 110
This is a women's group ages 70+. It is a fellowship class that seeks a closer look into God's will.
Location: Office Conference Room